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Design Style

My design style leans towards the eclectic side of the house. I’m enchanted by electric pattern mixing and captivating color palettes! Because of my eclectic nature I find myself able to mold to just about any design style. While I love a bright and colorful space, I’m also adept in spaces on the neutral spectrum and in everything in between!  

About Me
“Where the designs are neither cup half empty, nor half full, but come with free refills!”

I’ve always had an interest in Interior Design. At a very young age I found myself intrigued with regularly changing up our living space. Mind you, this said living space happened to be cohabited by my older and two younger sisters. The space was limited, the closets cramped, and there was little to no privacy. I started to rearrange and recreate our space to maximize both space, function, and beauty. It was then that I fell in love with all things design! While my tastes have evolved (Gone are the days where magazine tear outs littered my walls) the desire to create still remains.

As a young adult I joined the United States Army, where I proudly served 10 years, as a combat medic. Having come from a small town in Oklahoma, the Army gave me the opportunity to brush up on many different cultures that helped shape my views on life, and in design. Overall the Army was a great experience, but it was never what I wanted to do. (I was an army brat, and followed in my fathers footsteps.) When I medically retired I decided it was time to hone my skills, master my craft, and finally do what I want to do! 

Design Services
I like to start a design engagement by asking my clients to describe the style they are looking for on a project.  And while someone might say modern or contemporary, what I find is we all have a broad range of design styles.  I work with my clients to understand the nuances of their style preferences, and begin a process of accessing space and flow, colors and textures, furniture and decor to develop a plan to create the perfect room or space.  

Color Consults:
  • Walls need a face-lift? No idea where to start? Let me take the guess work out of your project. With images of the space and my knowledge of the color wheel together we can nail down a color that is sure to jazz up your abode.

  • Product Recommendations:
    Whether you are redoing your living room, the back patio, or your master suite, I’m here to help! Thanks to the internet everyone is selling something,  weeding out what is quality and what is junk can be difficult. Let me help you navigate the world wide web and find the perfect pieces to complete your sanctuary at a price you can live with.
  • Inspiration Boards:
    Need a visual to see it all together? Allow me to create you a mood board using our phone interview and Pinterest inspirational links to help you fine tune your theme.