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Personalized for You


 At Home Office Makeover we believe that design is “personal”.  That we are all unique and no longer does one- size and one-style fit all. We not only customize full office makeovers but personalize single products to your individual needs.

Our “Personalize for You” service allows you to team with professionals to design custom furniture that meet your needs.   We offer you the ability to create your own custom furniture or shop collections of exclusive brands and products typically not available online. 

Our Design Advisers work with suppliers to learn about the newest products and accessories entering the market. They will assist you find the perfect size rug to fit a particular space in your room, discuss textures, materials, patterns, sizes and unique colors for a chair, desk or most any other furniture needs you have. 

We are constantly growing our network of Design Advisers, as we look to bring the industry's, most collaborative, creative and experienced interior designers to assist you in your office and home furniture shopping, space planning, color selections,  room or home makeover.

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