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Design Style     
My personal style would probably be best described as minimalist, classical, simple, elegant,  fused with influences of bohemian, modern, contemporary and industrial touches. I love to play with unique pieces of furniture, designs, colors, patterns and art pieces. As individual in style as I 
am, it is important to me, to pass this feeling onto my customers and unleash their uniqueness in expression, style and comfortably within their own homes to create experiences, not only buying

About Me

“I believe creativity is the power to connect us through sensory touches with the mysterious, the uncertain, where words seem tangible, but failing. As long as we're creating, we' re cultivating meaning.”

Since being a kid, I am a natural creative, an Artist and Fashion Designer. Although having lost my own creative outlet for a decade or so, due to the point that I thought “a proper” career is more fruitful and fulfilling, I finally learned a few years ago that suppressing my creativity did more harm than good to my personality and life. And I made it my mission to help others connect with their creative vein and potential blossoming.

Through my years of travel in diverse countries and cultures, mystic, indigenous, Nordic, and natural touches influenced my design style which now find a home in my own living space and in the houses and rooms of my clients. It is always expanding, never at a standstill. Since my self-employment for more than 2 years in my current home base in Munich, Germany and working many years before that in jobs with opportunities for home office, I feel the need for a balanced and empowering home design and set up, so inspiration, creativity and productivity can flow.


Design Services

Interior Design - Any Space
Starting with asking questions to my clients to find out their personality and preferences, I usually go into a room and my imagination does the rest. The pictures do form itself. And even through digital medias that’s possible. We will exchange pictures and have a video call to get to know each other.

As a big picture person with an eye for details my inner fire ignites especially for the final touches, which for me means Art pieces, sculptures, décor, etc. which gives it an evocative stimulus and is like breathing the soul into any room. My enthusiasm arouses when I find special art pieces perfectly fitting to my customers personality and style. I am good in research unique pieces with more than often re- and up-cycled material for a good price, because sustainability and eco-friendly materials are absolutely a no brainer for me. And that philosophy I would love to see with my clients too. From designing an entire room or spicing it up through refurnishing or adding new pieces I can help with.

Color Selection 
Colors and small nuances are fascinating and enriching to me. Hence my preference changes depending on my mood, the room, environment, my clients. Finding the right color is one of the most exciting part of any design, because it gives it life, and the combination with each other makes it individual. I personally love nature inspired colors up to being colorful expressiveness or provocative contrast which turn itself into a harmonious collage.