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In a perfect world I would have multiple houses, each with a different style; traditional, mid-century modern, eclectic, coastal, craftsman, I love them all. But I would have to say my personal style is somewhat transitional. I appreciate the details in traditional design but like the clean look of a modern space.

Design Style
A monochromatic or neutral color palette with an assortment of textures delights me! When designing, it is important for me to not impose too much of my personal style on a space, but rather take my client’s style and enhance it. 

About Me
I'm based in Seattle but my design practice is global in thinking.  I ask my clients to start with a blank canvas when discussing a new project and then we explore design concepts and trends from around the world.  This approach always stimulates creative thinking and an open mind.   Client can then see it's about them, their space, how they move, work, play, entertainment. 

My passion centers kitchen and baths because I love the complexity and attention to detail that comes with a kitchen or bath remodel.  I also enjoy offices, sun rooms and small nooks that benefit from clever space planning and the right selection of furniture and accessories. 

Design Services
Interior Design - Kitchen & Bath Design 

The first thing I do when designing a kitchen or bathroom is listen. I need to hear the client’s wants and needs, and what is causing them problems with their current space. Once I have a good grasp on that, I ask them about their style, or what they think their style is. Many people believe they don’t have a “style” but they all do.  

My favorite part comes next.. Once I have all of the previous information, I start creating a layout. When designing a kitchen or bathroom, all of my initial focus is on functionality, which is different for every end user. I imagine myself in the space as the client to create the most efficient space possible. From there we bring in the finishes and complete the space!"