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Design Style                               bebe

Modern and contemporary are the styles I personally gravitate towards, but that's suites my lifestyle and not necessarily my design preferences.  Everyone is unique which is what makes my job so exciting.  I'm constantly learning and then applying this knowledge to help my customers expand "or" develop their personal styles. 



About Me
I was born to be creative, creating interesting rooms since I was 3 years old, albeit in a significantly scaled down house.  I live in the Pacific North West, but have traveled throughout the world.  Interior home ideas don't have to be restricted to your current location or geography to be stylish, modern or relevant. 

I'm a product specialist and have the pleasure of working with our many suppliers.  It affords me the opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry and emerging home furnishing trends.   

Design Services
I like to start a design engagement by asking my clients to describe the style they are looking for on a project.  And while someone might say modern or contemporary, what I find is we all have a broad range of design styles.  I work with my clients to understand the nuances of their style preferences, planned projects, budgets and future plans for a room...how will they live in the space.

  • Color Selection can be challenging when it comes to choosing the perfect colors for your projects.  The right colors can spark creativity, add balance to your daily routine or sooth the soul.   Leveraging my  knowledge of patterns, colors and fabrics will give you the confidence to create the room that meets your goals.
  • Office Makeovers establishing the right office work space may seem simple, you've got a spare bedroom, or nook below the steps, just add desk and chair and you're ready to be productive.  Offices should be active environments.  They should inspire thinking, leverage multiple working surfaces when possible, encourage creativity.  My approach begins with discussing comfort, ergonomic needs and needs for your specific work space.
  • Decor & Accessories  - There is something about creating a new feel for a room just my adding an accent piece here or a splash of color there.  It always amazes me how little things (and budget) can change the mood of a room.  We work to make sure we have a wide variety of accessories and decor to satisfy the uniqueness of our clients.